Agenda Preview


  • Kevin Blankespoor, Boston Dynamics
    • The Next Generation of Mobile Robot Applications
      Kevin Blankespoor, Boston Dynamics’ Senior Vice President of Warehouse Robotics, will give an update on how agile, mobile robots are being used at industrial sites and warehouses. Boston Dynamics’ first product, Spot, is a high-mobility quadruped robot that can be customized with different payloads. We’ll showcase customer use cases with Spot in the construction, oil & gas, and energy industries. Boston Dynamics’ second product, Stretch, is purpose built for case handling in warehouses. Blankespoor will discuss how Stretch works, and it’s first application unloading trucks and shipping containers. Learn how to amplify your workforce with vision-enabled mobile robots.
  • Brian Gerkey, Open Robotics
    • Robotics Needs a Babelfish: The Skinny on Robot Interoperability
      Labor challenges and worker safety led to a rise in robot deployments in the past few years. More deployments, however, meant more integration challenges. Today, companies want their disparate robot fleets to work together. That means robots from different vendors are going to need to find common ground because their customers will demand it. Open Robotics’ Brian Gerkey will discuss how companies are addressing interoperability, and what options are available to vendors, end users, and integrators. Attendees will learn:

      • The history of Open-RMF (Robotics Middleware Framework)
      • Best practices in multiple vendor robot interoperability
      • Future interoperability trends
  • Rick Faulk, Locus Robotics
  • Greg Smith, Teradyne
  • Melonee Wise, Zebra Technologies
    • Why the Cloud is a Force Multiplier for Robotics
      The cloud has transformed many different industries, companies and applications, so why would robotics be any different? While “lifting and shifting” basic functionality such as fleet management, analytics, and workflow development to the cloud is valuable from an availability and uptime perspective, the cloud has not yet provided the truly transformative, one plus one equals three effect in robotics that it has enabled with other industries. In this session, Melonee Wise, a pioneer in autonomous mobile robots, will share innovative use cases and examples of how cloud technology and applications have changed and will continue to change the face of mobile robots.

Technologies, Tools and Platforms Track

  • Eric Lind, Ultralife Corporation – Power System Design Consideration for AMR and AGV Applications
  • Svorad Stolc, Photoneo – 3D Reconstruction of Moving Scenes Using Parallel Structured Light
  • Brandon Minor, Tangram Vision – The Future of Sensors for Robots
  • Panel – Innovations in Sensors, Sensing and Robot Vision

Design and Development Track

  • Matthew Robinson, Southwest Research Institute – Deploying Advanced Automation Solutions that Leverage ROS
  • Nathan Brooks, Picknik Robotics and Amanda Sgroi, RE2 – Supervised Autonomy for Outdoor Mobile Manipulation: An Integrated Approach
  • Adrian Macneil, Foxglove – Designing the Next Generation of Robotics Visualization
  • Siddarth Chhatpar, Vecna Robotics – Build to Learn: How to Succeed Through Action
  • YJ Lim, MathWorks – Model-Based Design for Advanced Robotics Systems
  • Dave Rollinson, HEBI Robotics – Hardware Is Not a Commodity: The Case for Modular Force-Controlled Actuation

Manufacturability, Production and Distribution Track

  • Andrea Keay, Silicon Valley Robotics – New Initiatives to Support the Local Manufacture of Robotics Solutions
  • Liz Stortstrom, HP – 3D Printed End-of-Arm Tools: Advantages, Applications, & Use Cases
  • Panel – Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Services Solutions for Robotics Solution Providers

Bonus Track

  • Fady Saad, MassRobotics – The Rise of Robotics Unicorns
  • Panel – Robots and You – What are the Next Opportunities?
  • Panel – Critical Intellectual Property Issues for Robotics Companies
  • Stephen Scheirey, CEVA – Spot-On Dead Reckoning for Indoor Autonomous Robots
  • Matthew Rendall, OTTO Motors – Seeing Is Believing: Simulating AMRs for Successful Deployments
  • Jon Barad, Velodyne Lidar – How Lidar Enables Advanced Autonomous Mobile Robots