You Are Invited to AWS RoboMaker Immersion Day in Boston

Attendees at Amazon Web Services workshop will learn how to utilize AWS RoboMaker to quickly and easily develop, test, and deploy intelligent robotics applications at scale.

In conjunction with the Robotics Summit and Expo, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be holding a pre-event RoboMaker Immersion Day on Tuesday June, 4 2019. During the RoboMaker Immersion Day program, attendees will learn how to use AWS RoboMaker to easily develop, test, and deploy intelligent robotics applications. Registration for the RoboMaker Immersion Day is free.

What You Will Lean
In this all-day workshop, attendees will learn about the use of robotics and machine learning within Amazon, receive an introduction to working with the Robot Operating System (ROS), and get hands-on experience with RoboMaker by building an application that uses image detection. There will even be a team challenge to deploy the application to physical robots to complete a mission!

Who Should Attend
The AWS RoboMaker Immersion Day is specifically designed to introduce technical professionals to RoboMaker, a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to develop, test, and deploy intelligent robotics products and services quickly and easily. The program is suited to:

  • Software and Hardware Developers – Members of the hardware and software development community searching for solutions that speed the development of commercial class robots and robotic technology.
  • OEMs and Manufacturers – Technical professionals across a variety of vertical market segments seeking the latest solutions for developing new intelligent robotics products and services or integrating robotic technology into existing product lines.
  • Producers Robotics and Intelligent Systems Solutions – Producers of robots and robotics technology seeking methods to improve the robotics development and deployment process.

RoboMaker Immersion Day attendees will need some base-level knowledge of working with AWS services and/or Robot Operating System (ROS), as well as a laptop with an active AWS Account with administrative privileges.

There is no fee required to take part in the RoboMaker Immersion Day program. To register for the event click HERE.

Information and Contacts
For more information regarding the RoboMaker Immersion Day program, please contact



June 4, 2019



9:00 AM – 4:30 PM ET
Registration at 8:30 AM ET



Amazon, 27 Melcher St.
Boston, MA 02210