Keynote: Bipedal Locomotion and Autonomous Mobility

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

9:30 am – 10:15 am

Presenter: Damion Shelton, CEO, Agility Robotics

Robotics systems differ from other types of technologies in that they are inherently physical – they occupy physical space, and in many instances manipulate objects in the physical world. An increasing number of robotics systems are also capable of mobility, moving through the physical world in the air or in space, above or below the surface of water, or on or below the ground. Developers of mobile robotics systems have a choice of different technological approaches to support ground-based locomotion – wheels, tracks, and legged systems among them. But only one class of locomotion – bipedalism – movement using two feet, is optimized for existing environments designed for human occupation and movement.

In this engaging keynote session, Damion Shelton, CEO, Agility Robotics, the developer of the Cassie bipedal robotics platform, will describe the advantages of bipedal locomotion for autonomous mobility in unstructured, human populated environments. Possible use cases for bipedal robotics, as well as specific design, development and testing requirements for bipedal systems, will also be discussed.