Keynote: Designing Mobile Picking Robots for e-commerce Fulfillment

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

11:30 am – 12:15 pm

Presenter: Adrian Kumar, VP Solutions Design, DHL Supply Chain North America

All ecommerce retailers, as well as third party logistics providers supporting them, understand that picking operations are a major contributor to the burgeoning cost of e-fulfillment. Profitability, to say nothing of the economic viability of ecommerce models, requires that fulfillment costs be reduced substantially. Increasing the level of automation in warehouses and distribution centers has proven to both decrease the costs of e-commerce fulfillment operations and improve efficiency.

The use of mobile robotics systems to optimize pick-pack-ship operations is just the latest example of the ongoing automation of warehouses and distribution centers. But developing robust, effective mobile robotics systems that can safely operate in dynamic, unstructured environments in close association to human workers is difficult. Furthermore, these systems must also interoperate with warehouse management systems and support existing business processes and infrastructure.

In this keynote session, Adrian Kumar, Vice President, Solutions Design North America at DHL, will describe the how mobile service robotics are supporting picking operations at fulfillment centers and warehouses, along with the processes to design, develop and install such systems. Real world examples will be used to highlight salient points.