Developing Autonomous Mobile Robots for Human Populated Environments

Thursday, May 24, 2018

11:30 am – 12:15 pm

Increasing the level of navigation autonomy in mobile robots confers measurable business benefits to those companies employing them. Reduced costs, enhanced operational effectiveness, increased flexibility and productivity, as well as the addition of new capabilities are commonly cited.

These benefits make for new opportunities, but for the technical professional building autonomous mobile robots, or converting manually-operated systems into autonomous systems, the task can be daunting. A vast array of sensing technologies and techniques are available to developers that allow mobile robots to navigate safely in human populated, unstructured environments. But not all options are equally suitable, equally effective or equally flexible.

In this session, Phil Duffy, Vice President of Innovation for Brain Corporation, will describe cost-effective methods and technologies that speed and ease the development and deployment of self-navigating mobile robots in indoor and outdoor environments.


Phil Duffy, Vice President, Innovation, Brain Corporation

Phil Duffy is Vice President, Innovation, at Brain Corporation where he leads commercialization of the company’s vision-based AI technology for robotic platforms. Phil helped Brain Corp. raise more than $100 million in VC funding, led innovation activities to discover novel product opportunities and disrupt new markets, and formed and led the in-house, multi-discipline Innovation Group. Phil joined Brain Corp. in August 2014 as VP of Product Development and Marketing. In this role, he identified key OEM partners, created a targeted go-to-market strategy and led the product management and marketing teams.

Before joining Brain Corp, Phil was Director of International Marketing and Product Management at Turtle Beach, a video game peripherals manufacturer; and he was Founder and CEO of Hong Kong-based Blue Monkey, a product development agency. Phil holds an MBA in Business and Marketing from the Boston University Questrom School of Business and a BA in Industrial Design Engineering from the University of Teesside.