Booth #200

Leveraging our expertise in rugged power solutions for mission-critical applications, Acumentrics is introducing the The Pack Power™ System which is a small, lightweight, and flexible Uninterruptible Power Supply for Robotics and anyone needing an autonomous compact power solution. Visit us at Booth 200 to see the power first-hand! Acumentrics is powering autonomy.
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ARM Institute

Booth #109

As a national membership-based consortium, ARM is dedicated to creating the ecosystem that will drive innovation in robotics. Our staff and resources are focused on spurring innovations in not just robotics technology, but also workforce development, ensuring the future is built by robots, but directed by humans. ARM and its members seek to lower economic, technical, and operational barriers, allowing enterprises of all sizes to adopt robotic technologies. ARM is a member of Manufacturing USA, a network of regional institutes, each with a specialized technology focus. The institutes share one goal: to secure the future of manufacturing in the U.S. through innovation, collaboration and education.
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ATI Industrial Automation

Booth #108

ATI INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION is the world-leading engineering-based developer of robotic accessories and robot arm tooling, including Automatic Tool Changers, Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensing Systems, Utility Couplers, Robotic Deburring Tools, Robotic Collision Sensors, Manual Tool Changers, and Compliance Devices. Our robot end-effector products are found in thousands of successful applications around the world. Since 1989, our team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers has been developing cost-effective, state-of-the-art end-effector products and solutions that improve robotic productivity.
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Bishop Wisecarver

Booth #131

Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation helps manufacturers and automation solution providers engineer linear and rotary motion products. With 65+ years of engineering expertise and manufacturing best practices working with over 20,000 customers, we understand our customers’ design and application requirements which enables us to develop unique solutions that ship within 2 to 3 weeks. Customers achieve 50% faster time to market, up to 50-75% lower maintenance and installed costs, product differentiation and longer product life.
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Bodine Electric Company

Booth #122

From our first motor in 1905 to today’s solar powered motion control solutions for the energy industry, Bodine has helped thousands of customers solve application challenges, develop gearmotor and drive solutions, and deliver high-quality products.

We offer over 1,200 standard/stock products, and thousands of custom designed gearmotors, motors and motion controls (fixed and variable speed AC, brushless DC, and permanent magnet DC). Bodine gearmotors and motors are designed for demanding industrial and commercial applications, and for a wide range of low-voltage applications for solar, battery or off-grid operation.

Our corporate headquarters and design team are located in Northfield, Illinois (20 miles north of Chicago) with our main manufacturing and assembly operations located in Peosta, Iowa, U.S.A. Bodine’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001.
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Boston Engineering

Booth #125

We combine focused creativity and experienced insight to deliver breakthrough products and technologies within tight deadlines, focused budgets, and stringent regulatory environments. Our phase-gate process ensures that project activities remain aligned with product goals to meet deadlines and other client requirements. Additionally, our supplier development and manufacturing transferservices enable clients to increase production efficiency and control supply chain costs. Our new product development services can be integrated into your development life cycle at any phase or throughout your entire process to ensure continuity and optimal results.
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BSC Industries

Booth #101

BSC Industries, Inc. is an independent distributor of bearings, power transmission products, and electrical and automation products. Headquartered in Canton, MA, the company has six additional locations in New England and serves OEM and MRO companies in various markets both nationally and internationally by delivering world class products and engineered solutions.
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Celera Motion

Booth #127

Solving complex engineering challenges in a global market, Celera Motion advances the field and science of motion control. Their integrated mechatronic systems and precision components solve application-specific challenges for technology-driven original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world to help enhance and improve people’s lives.

Celera Motion’s cohesive vision, superior technologies, consultative team approach and best-in-class reliability make them the trusted partner in solving your most challenging motion control problems.

Celera Motion is a motion control business of Novanta (NASDAQ: NOVT), a leading global supplier of precision photonic and motion technologies to OEMs in Medical and Advanced Industrial markets.

Discover how their dynamic motion control solutions can accelerate your innovation today.
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CGI Motion

Booth #223

From Prototype to Production CGI Motion enables design excellence across a wide range of industrial applications. We thrive on customer driven innovation in precision gearbox, precision machined components and electro-mechanical assembly solutions ranging from aerospace systems to semiconductor applications. We are your design and manufacturing partner helping to differentiate your product, machine or innovation. Our team of problem solving engineers and product managers can bring your application to market on time and under budget. Whether it’s an improvement on a current design or groundbreaking new designs, CGI has the know-how and team to enable design excellence.
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Booth #210

Cirtronics, a contract manufacturer located in the greater Boston area, uses DFx to support optimizing product cost and quality from design reviews through production, testing, and aftermarket support tailored specifically to the needs of each customer. We offer manufacturing and assembly services for electronics, electro-mechanical devices and system-level builds for some of the top Robotics companies in the world. Cirtronics is an Employee Owned Company (ESOP) that qualifies for US government woman-owned and small business status. To learn more about Cirtronics, Precision Engagement(r) Manufacturing and how DFx can accelerate time to market, visit the site below.
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Copley Controls

Booth #126/128

Copley Controls, an ISO 9001:2008 company and part of Analogic Corporation, delivers high-performance motion solutions to a wide range of industries including semiconductor, life sciences, test, automated assembly, and COTS military. With over 35 years’ experience in OEM partnerships, Copley’s application team combines with its R&D team to deliver world-class, highly responsive support. Our global commitment is backed with sales offices and local technical resources in the US, Europe, and Asia.
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Booth #226

ElectroCraft, Inc. is a global provider of dependable, application-engineered fractional-horsepower motor and motion products.

The ElectroCraft Powering Innovation custom manufacturing services cover the following products: AC motors, PMDC motors, brushless DC motors, stepper motors, servo motors, gearboxes, gearmotors, linear actuators, drives, servo drives, integrated motor drives.

Our products are found in thousands of different applications within industrial, commercial, and consumer product markets. While ElectroCraft provides a wide array of standard products with many configurable options, we have built our brand on custom OEM solutions that meet the precise performance, cost and quality our customers require.

For OEM Customers who are unsatisfied with having to design around inflexible off-the-shelf products, our technical knowledge and customizable product families provide for a design experience which results in motor and motion systems that provide superior reliability and performance at the lowest possible cost.
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Elmo Motion Control

Booth #118

Elmo’s ultimate multi-axis solutions pushes the boundaries of what is possible to accomplish in the world of motion automation. With precision, accuracy, speed, and power Elmo’s products have been consistently chosen to drive the worlds most advanced robotics from the biggest names in the industry. With smart, ultra-small network based servo drives, and the ability of the OEM to mount them directly on the robot joints reduces cabling and increases the overall reliability of the system. Elmo’s proven record in the field of high end motion-control robotics is instrumental in raising the development process to the highest levels of multi-axis performance and the capabilities of any project.
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Booth #204

Energid Technologies develops advanced software and robotic systems for the aerospace, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, defense, and medical industries. Energid’s Actin® software is a powerful control framework and operating system for commercial, industrial, and mission-critical robots that is sold as a cross-platform application and extensible software toolkit. Energid specializes in the control, simulation, and sensing of complex robotic systems.
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Front End Analytics

Booth #115

Front End Analytics powers its customers’ digital transformation by offering Value Centric Services and Best in Class Software for Product Design, Engineering Simulation, Simulation Democratization, and Predictive Analytics. Our end-to-end solutions lead to dramatic increases in product development velocity, quality and innovative edge. Let us help your company be on the leading edge of the digital revolution.
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Gibson Engineering

Booth #139-141

Gibson Engineering is a unique combination of parts supplier, engineering resource, and full solution provider, with a focus on factory automation. We supply vision and laser-based scanners, servo and stepper motors and a whole array of control, safety and interconnect components used on next-generation robots. We are also a resource to organizations looking to implement robotics in their manufacturing operations.

Component supplier, brainstorm partner, sub-assembly or turn-key solution provider, you decide how much of our capacity to leverage. We help your team take ownership of the technologies being deployed.

Visit our booth for active demonstrations and discussion with our engineers.
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Booth #206

GAM is a leading manufacturer and complete source for Gear Reducers, Servo Couplings, Linear Mounting Kits, and other innovative products used in automation technology. With one of the largest product offerings in the motion control industry as well as the engineering expertise and capabilities to develop customized solutions, GAM can help with your application. Being flexible to meet the needs of customer requests and great service are what sets GAM apart from the rest.
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Harmonic Drive

Booth #119

Harmonic Drive’s mission is to provide motion control solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage. To accomplish this we continually invest in the growth of our employees and in our company’s capabilities. Harmonic Drive, LLC engineers and manufactures precision servo actuators, gearheads and gear component sets. We work closely with both Fortune 500 and companies of all sizes to understand their application requirements and provide a standard or, in most cases, a custom-engineered solution to enable the success of their design project. Since the beginning, our engineering and production teams have continued to develop enabling technologies and products for the evolving motion control market.
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Booth #238

Harwin is an innovative manufacturer of high-reliability connectors with a proven history of success in the Robotics market. Flagship products such as the 2.00mm pitch Datamate and 1.25mm pitch Gecko high density connector ranges are suitable for harsh environments; able to withstand extreme vibration, shock and temperature. Harwin continuously strives to develop connectors that solve design problems and provide a solution for engineers. The latest in Harwin’s connector technology will be showcased at the Robotics Summit and Expo.
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Booth #107

Humatics is pioneering microlocation technology, offering centimeter- and millimeter-scale positioning that is faster, more precise, and affordable than any existing 3D positioning or location tracking technology on the market. Our breakthrough microlocation system and analytics software comprise the Humatics Spatial Intelligence Platform™ that will revolutionize how people and machines locate, navigate and collaborate in the connected world.

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IDS Imaging

Booth #112

IDS Inc. was founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH. We develop high-performance, easy-to-use USB, GigE and 3D cameras with a wide spectrum of sensors and variants. The almost unlimited range of applications of our industrial cameras covers multiple non-industrial and industrial sectors in the field of equipment, plant and mechanical engineering. In addition to the successful CMOS cameras, IDS expands its portfolio with vision app-based sensors and cameras. The novel image processing platform IDS NXT is freely programmable and extremely versatile. Our visionary thinking and modular concepts enable our customers to develop innovative and individual applications. Professional machine vision camera components are developed by us exclusively in Germany, produced in a sustainable way, and sold all over the world.
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Booth #104, 106

ifm is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial sensors and control products, producing over 18.3 million products annually.

For over 45 years, ifm has developed, manufactured, and marketed sensors to industries that include assembly and robotics, automotive, material handling, packaging, metal forming, plastics, food and beverage. We offer a complete family of position and fluid sensors, diagnostic systems, networking products and wiring solutions. Our dedication to innovation, quality and customer support has made us a global market leader.

ifm’s knowledgeable team of technical support engineers will work with you to recommend the right solution, the first time.
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IKO International Inc.

Booth #120

IKO is a world renowned producer of quality needle bearings, linear motion rolling guides, precision positioning tables and machine components. Only IKO offers C-Lube technology, which provides long term, maintenance-free lubrication and is available in M-series linear ways and maintenance-free cam followers. IKO offers specialized solutions for many unique manufacturing situations including: clean rooms, vacuum environments, high temperature and dust/spatter protection.

IKO products are highly regarded in the worldwide marketplace, living up to the inspiration for their name: Innovation, Know-How & Originality.
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Booth #124

At Intech Corporation we specialize in design and manufacture of self-lubricating plastic gears, rollers and cam followers made of non-hygroscopic Intech Power-CoreTM material. To ensure reliable, long lasting performance, all products are backed by proven durability calculations. Our customers reduce operating costs by running maintenance-free motion components at higher speeds, with less down time, no lubrication and requiring less energy. Low inertia, reduced friction, noise, vibration, contamination and generally smoother running machines all contribute to lowering the impact of manufacturing on the environment. We like to think of our products as “Clean, Lean & Green”. Please contact our engineering team for a free consultation.
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Booth #202

Kollmorgen servo, frameless and stepper motion solutions play a key role in a variety of robots, including collaborative robots, industrial articulated robots, medical robots and more. Kollmorgen has an established track record for enabling robotic innovation with 100 years of experience, tens of thousands of motor designs and mobilizing hundreds of thousands of robot joints and robotic arms. We know that when building brand failure is not an option. Our expertise makes us a unique motion partner who understands the business and technical needs of both the robotic design engineer and the global supply chain – with Kollmorgen frameless motors in your robot you can concentrate on what matters most. Kollmorgen motors are optimized for fit and performance with industry standard harmonic gearing and our industry leading torque density enables smaller, lighter and faster robots. Kollmorgen is the industry standard at helping robotic innovators get their product to market fast.
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Lin Engineering

Booth #208

We design and manufacture the smoothest, most accurate, and most innovative stepper motors available anywhere. During the last 25 years, we’ve reinvented and perfected the stepper motor technology in order to solve problems that had no clear solutions. Today, with our large assortment of standard and custom step motors, linear actuators, BLDC motors, drivers, and controllers, we’re able to provide solutions to even the most unique pains in motion control.
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Macron Dynamics

Booth #105

Macron Dynamics, Inc., a manufacturer of linear and mechanical motion components and systems, provides automation solutions for applications found throughout the U.S. and around the globe. For more than 25 years, Macron has refined each component and every product through time-tested installations and experience. Macron products are built with the highest quality materials, assembled in the USA, and engineered to withstand the abuses of rigorous, daily usage. The result is a combination of versatility, positioning repeatability durability, and virtually maintenance-free operation.
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Maxon Precision Motors

Booth #114

At maxon motor, we develop and build electric drives that pack some real power. Our DC motors are leading the industry worldwide. They are used wherever the requirements are high and engineers cannot afford compromises: maxon motors drive NASA’s Mars rovers. They are installed in insulin pumps and surgical power tools. You can find them in humanoid robots and in high-precision industrial applications, in tattoo machines, passenger aircraft, camera lenses, race cars, and cardiac pumps.
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Booth #102

Onshape is a modern CAD system that eliminates design gridlock so professional engineers can do their best work. Onshape unites advanced modeling tools and design data management in a secure cloud workspace that is accessible on any device and never loses data.

Professional engineers at thousands of companies rely on Onshape to modernize their design process. Onshape users have logged over 4 million hours modeling advanced robotics, biomedical devices, industrial machinery, and myriad other products.

Founded in 2012 by the creators of SOLIDWORKS®, Onshape has raised $169 million from Andreessen Horowitz, NEA, North Bridge, and other leading investors.
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Performance Motion Devices

Booth #145

Motion control matters—we can get you to market faster

Performance Motion Devices provides reliable multi-axis motion control solutions and unparalleled technical support. We offer a line of pre-programmed ICs, digital drives, and amplifiers, and machine boards, plus easy-to-use software which brings your system to life quickly—hours not days. Intuitive development tools and common motion architecture make design, development, and validation fast, predictable and low-risk. Bring your product to market faster with reliable motion control solutions. We have significant expertise with robotic applications and can make sure your equipment performs. Performance Motion Devices—motion control at its core.
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PracticePoint at WPI

Booth #244

PracticePoint is a membership-based research, development, and commercialization alliance founded to advance healthcare technologies. The focus is on smart and secure medical devices that interact with the physical world to improve the promise of patient-centric care.
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Realtime Robotics Inc.

Booth #116

Realtime’s new special-purpose processor enables robots and vehicles to instantly react to their environments and compute how and where to move as their situation is changing. Realtime’s processor can plan in less than a millisecond, overcoming the primary obstacle preventing robots and autonomous vehicles from achieving their potential. Realtime’s processor will enable robots with sophisticated arms to generate collision-free motion in unstructured and dynamic environments in real time, making them useful for tasks well beyond the precise, rigid, and repetitive industrial tasks where they are currently employed. Autonomous vehicles with Realtime’s processor will drive at normal speeds—like humans, but safer—instead of slowing to a crawl when there is uncertainty regarding other cars, bikes, and pedestrians.
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Booth #130

Renishaw is a global company with core skills in measurement, motion control, healthcare, spectroscopy and manufacturing. We offer a comprehensive range of encoders used by OEMs globally for exact positioning, reliability, and superior performance-to-cost value. Three encoder technologies —optical, magnetic and laser interferometer—all are engineered to deliver non-contact, friction-free operation, exceptional ease of installation, space savings, and application flexibility.
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Booth #103

More than 2.800 employees in nine plants and 33 subsidiaries as well as distribution partners in more than 50 countries ensure an intensive market presence. With 11,000 standard components SCHUNK offers the world’s largest range of clamping technology and gripping systems and with more than 2,550 SCHUNK grippers, the broadest range of standard gripper components on the market. The entire gripping system program comprises more than 4,000 components.

The customer base includes, among others, the who’s who of machine and plant construction, robotics, automation and installation, and all well-known car brands and their suppliers. Since 2012, the goalkeeper legend Jens Lehmann has been part of the SCHUNK team, acting as band ambassador for precise gripping and holding.
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Shinano Kenshi

Booth #129

Shinano Kenshi – 100 years of Innovation

Shinano Kenshi is a global technology design and manufacturing partner for precision air, fluid, and motion control. With a wide range of capability, from a R&D/design concept to manufacturing process, we see ourselves as a total solution provider. Beyond motors – We’re forging the future by working with the brightest tech companies on the planet. Our engineering goes further: robotic, healthcare, security…Motion is just the start.
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Booth #144

For over 70 years, SICK has been a world leader in the manufacture of factory, logistics & process automation technology. SICK boasts over 50 subsidiaries worldwide, ensuring sales & application support virtually anywhere in the world. For the robotics industry, SICK offers reliable positioning, navigation, measurement & identification solutions that help protect humans & goods from costly collisions that result in injuries, lost or damaged products & increased downtime. SICK also helps enable Industry 4.0 through products that feature open communication protocols to transmit big data, provide edge computing & transfers data to the cloud.
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Booth #228 & 230

Since its establishment, SMC has been a leader in pneumatic technology, providing industry with technology and products to support automation based on the guiding principle of “contributing to automation labor savings in industry.” Over the past 50+ years, SMC’s products have become established as a recognized international brand through sales, technical, supply and after sale services in world markets. Sales have grown to achieve a 30% global market share.
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Sunstone Circuits

Booth #224

When we started making printed circuit boards in Mulino, Oregon back in 1972, we didn’t want to be just another manufacturer — we wanted to be an indispensable partner to our customers. So we set the goal of total customer satisfaction, and that goal has directed our focus ever since.

We believe we provide the most value to you, our customer, when we are proactive about meeting your needs, and can be counted on to deliver high-quality printed circuit boards, prototypes through production; standard FR-4 through high performance RF/Micro substrates and very fine pitch geometries.
Our PCB manufacturing team is one of the most experienced in the USA, and we’re proud to produce high-quality products while providing a safe and prosperous workplace for our employees.
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Universal Robots

Booth #100

Universal Robots has reinvented industrial robotics with flexible, collaborative robot arms. Innovative force-sensing technology makes the robot stops operating when encountering an employee, eliminating the need for safety guarding in most scenarios. Unlike traditional industrial robots that stay hardwired in a cage, the lightweight UR Robots can be moved around, automating high mix low volume production runs. Programming is intuitive; simply grab the robot arm to teach the desired movement, or use the touch screen. The Polyscope GUI runs on a Linux OS platform for easy customization of specific tasks and tools. Product portfolio includes the UR3, UR5 and UR10 robot arms named after their payloads in kilos, they all feature 0.1 mm repeatability and span in reach from 19.7” in to 51.2”.
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Waypoint Robotics, Inc.

Booth #111

Our dedication to autonomous mobile robot development has helped us create the next generation in AMR architecture. Using innovative designs and thoughtful development, our top engineers have created a lineup of off the shelf robots that are equipped to meet the needs most often cited by roboticists around the world.
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