Closing Keynote Address: The Robotics Opportunity Landscape for Technical Professionals

Thursday, May 24, 2018

3:00 pm – 3:45 pm

Presenter: Dan Kara, Vice President, Robotics and Intelligent Systems, WTWH Media

The wide range of technologies, products, and markets where the adjective ‘robotic’ can be applied maps to a large number of career, business development and commercialization opportunities. Unfortunately, for technical professionals looking for new challenges and prospects in the rapidly expanding robotics sector, along with suppliers of enabling technologies supporting robotics, the opportunity landscape is so vast, and the rate of technical advancement so rapid, that selecting an opportunity to pursue is difficult. More to the point, “How does one chose among the many robotics opportunities so that career and business success is optimized, and risks minimized?”

The purpose of this keynote session is to describe the state of the overall robotics sector, highlighting salient trends in a way that informs decision making. The state of the current global robotics sector, ranging from the industrial to consumer markets, will be described. Both market success and failures will be noted, and both quantitative data and qualitative analysis will be provided. Demand side drivers and supply-side opportunities will also be examined. This session will also discuss emerging robotics markets, as well as new research, technologies, architectures that is driving the robotics sector now and in the future. Topics include:

  • The Current State of the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Sector
  • Key High Growth/Low Growth Robotics Markets
  • Select Technological Trends and Opportunities
  • Conclusions