Robotics Summit Association Outreach Program

Complimentary and discounted registrations available for non-profit groups to attend international technical design and development event for commercial robotics and intelligent systems.

The Robotics Summit & Expo Association Outreach Program provides members of non-profits groups, including professional associations, NGOs and other tax exempt or charitable organizations, with an excellent opportunity to engage with robotics engineers and engineering management for 2 days of robotics education, inspiration, networking and more.

2 Opportunities to Participate
The program allows members of non-profit groups and NGOs to participate in the Robotics Summit & Expo in two ways:

  • Two Complimentary Full Conference Passes – Non-profits, NGOs and other tax exempt or charitable groups are provided with two complimentary full conference registrations to the Robotics Summit & Expo. Full conference registrations allows access to all keynotes, general sessions and panels at the Robotics Summit & Expo, along with access to the expo floor and all special events.
  • Discounts on Full Conference Passes – Once the two complimentary full conference passes are used, members of non-profit organizations can register for a full conference pass at special rates.

Registration and Information
To apply to the Robotics Summit Association Outreach Program, or to receive additional information, please contact