• Bipedal Locomotion and Autonomous Mobility
    Damion Shelton, Co-founder and CEO, Agility Robotics
  • Designing Mobile Picking Robots for e-commerce Fulfillment
    Adrian Kumar, VP Solutions Design North America, DHL Supply Chain
  • Robotics, Intelligent Systems and Transformational Innovation
    John Lizzi, Executive Leader, Robotics, GE Global Research
  • Producing Commercial Class Robotics Systems: Challenges and Advanced Manufacturing Solutions
    John Dulchinos, Vice President, Global Automation and 3D Printing, Jabil
  • Commercial Opportunities for Soft Robotics
    George Whitesides, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University
    Principal Investigator, Whitesides Research Group, Harvard University
  • The Robotics Opportunity Landscape for Technical Professionals
    Dan Kara, Vice President, Robotics and Intelligent Systems, WTWH Media

Technologies, Tools and Platforms Track

  • Designing Robots from the Inside Out
    Doug Olson, President and CEO, Harmonic Drive
  • Realtime Motion Planning
    Peter Howard, CEO, Realtime Robotics
  • Advanced Grasping and Manipulation
    Leif Jentoft, Co-Founder, RightHand Robotics
    Carl Vause, CEO, Soft Robotics
  • Innovation in Sensing and Robot Vision

Design and Development Track

  • Developing Cognitive Robotics Systems
    Heather Ames, Co-founder and COO, Neurala
  • Using AR Technologies to Overcome Robotics Development Uncertainty
    Mark Smithers, Co-Founder and CEO, Boston Engineering
  • Autonomy & Opportunity
    Moderator: Steve Crowe, Editor, The Robot Report
  • Robot Simulation
  • Robot Operating System

Manufacturability, Production and Distribution Track

  • Wheels, Treads or Fins? DFx Optimizes Robot Manufacturing
    Moderator: Andy McMillan, Chair of the Cirtronics Advisory Board, Cirtronics
    Tom Frost, President, Endeavor Robotics
    Youssef Saleh, Founder and CEO, Ava Robotics
  • Creating a National Manufacturing Ecosystem through Robotics Innovation
    Jay Douglass, COO, ARM Institute
  • Robotics as a Service: Lowering Barriers and Expanding Use-Cases
    Rian Whitton, Research Analyst, ABI Research
  • How Supply Chain Support Boosts Robotics Innovation and Competitiveness
    Søren Aarhus, Business Development, Odense Robotics

Investment Track

  • Evolution of Investing in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (RAAI)
    Travis Briggs, CEO, ROBO Global
    Jeremie Capron, Director of Research, ROBO Global
  • Investing In the Autonomy Economy: Opportunities for Innovators & Investors
    Moderator: Tom Ryden, Executive Director, MassRobotics
    Oliver Mitchell, Founding Partner, Autonomy Ventures